Father God,
   whose voice we long to hear,
   and whose presence we yearn to discern,
   grant us the patience to endure,
   the sensitivity to hear your haunting whisper of love
   and the bloody-mindedness to keep hanging on in there. Amen.

Lord Jesus
You are the Good Shepherd and you call us to follow you.
We are easily distracted and led astray.
When we fall off the path, help us to get up again.
When we choose the wrong way, help us to turn around.
When it is tough, give us the strength to keep walking one foot after another, following in your footsteps.  Amen

Spirit of integrity,
   you drive us into the desert
   to search out truth.
Give us clarity to know what is right
   and courage to resist what is merely expedient,
   that we may abandon the false innocence
   of failing to choose at all.
   but may follow the purposes of Jesus Christ. Amen.