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Year of Vocations

Our Vision Day in September 2019 helped us to define our aims and mission for the Parish. To equip us to fulfil this vision, we planned three years of activities to help us grow closer to God: 2020 was the Year of Prayer, 2021 the Year of the Bible, and this year will be the Year of Vocations.

Vocation is simply a word used to describe God’s call upon our lives.  We are created beings, made by a loving, faithful Heavenly Father who longs for each one of us to discover what He made us for and the ways in which He would have use the gifts He has given to each of us.  We all share a common vocation to love and be loved, but we also have a unique vocation.  It’s only when we discover our unique vocation, and live our lives out of that vocation, that we will feel that we are living life to the full.  In 2022 we hope that through our activities, every individual will come to understand how they are called to be part of God’s mission to our families, friends, community and the world as a whole.

Please join us for this exciting journey of faith throughout the year.  There’s lot’s happening: information on the next events are shown below.  Please consider how each activity might help you to use your skills and strengthen your discipleship.  If you would like to talk through what might be right for you: please talk to Simon or any member of the Ministry Team.